Sponsors / Webtrends Webtrends founded the web analytics industry in 1993. Today, our leadership extends much further, to social media measurement, paid-search optimization and connecting the online and offline data silos scattered throughout organizations. We help you turn the data generated by your web site, blogs, online campaigns and enterprise systems into understanding of your customers and, ultimately, business opportunity. Our people and products help you answer complicated business questions – rather than disguise incomplete answers in colorful charts and graphs.

Our Customers

We succeed when our 7,000+ customers do first.

Our People

We employ the enterprise analytics industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced technology developers, services providers, support staff and sales people.


More than 100 patents or pending patents bear the Webtrends name. And more are on the way.

Open Exchange

We believe in the free flow of data among systems, transparency with our customers and collective problem solving with our partners. Interested in becoming a partner?

Our Community

Webtrends was founded in 1993 in Portland, Ore., the city where our headquarters remains. We are a worldwide organization that remains deeply rooted in the communities that have helped our business grow and flourish. And we are dedicated to giving back through company-sponsored fund-raising and volunteer efforts.


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