Sponsors / GreatApps GreatApps will launch in September 2011. The following is an overview from GreatStartups.com

GreatApps.com – There Is An App For This And An App For That

Let’s face it, we are now in an age that is defined by apps. Over the last ten years, whether you had a large business, a new business idea, a small organization, you needed a website. Now you need an app. There are currently hundreds of thousands of apps available for mobile phones and tablets. In addition, countless new apps are made available daily, especially at the App Store and the Android Market. Whether it’s for games, business, weather, sports, shopping, finance, music, travel, news or education; there is truly an app for everyone. Coming up with the idea for an app, that is the easy part, marketing an app, that is where the true challenge is. Most app developers and business owners who are venturing into the “app space” will tell you they all share the same common problem of getting people to notice them. Launching in September 2011, GreatApps.com a privately funded company plans to fill a void in app marketing. GreatApps.com is not an app review site, however, it will service two markets: 1. App Users – make it extremely easy for consumers to learn about new apps in a simple environment. 2. Apps Developers/Owners – help developers and business owners market their app in a cost effective manner to reach users. One of the interesting things about this startup has to be the name, it just makes you want to see what the excitement is all about. Besides an extremely marketable URL in GreatApps.com, they also own GreatApp.com. There is more to come from GreatApps.com, however, they did not share with us more information at this time. To keep the site somewhat exlcusive, they only allow 15 new apps per day to be displayed. I think this is a smart feature as many app sites are extremely confusing to see what is new and what is old. Keep an eye on GreatApps.com, as I am sure a lot of people both app owners and users will be.

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