8:00AM-8:30AMMobile Mesh
Mobile Merger, Mobile Marketing Association and Impact Mobile
Mobile Marketing and Engagement
8:30AM-9:15AMChanneling Success in Mobile Advertising
How To: Launch a Successful Mobile Product
3 Steps to a Powerful Text Message Campaign
Mobile Marketing Profits
9:15AM-10:00AMMobile at the Integrated Marketing Table
The Evolution of the Mobile Web
Merging Mobile Technologies Into Recruiting
10:00AM-10:45AMEnabling Interactive Mobile Engagements
Legal Issues in Mobile Marketing
Patton Boggs
Turbo-Charge Your Social Media Strategy
10:45AM-11:30AMLocation-Based Mobile Marketing
Simon Property Group
The Art of Mobile Partnerships
Weather Central
Hands-On: Mobile Tools Workshop
Mobile Moxie
11:30AM-12:15PMThe State of Mobile Advertising
3 Phases of Mobile Recruiting
Bernard Hodes Group
Getting Ahead of the Mobile Innovation Curve
Mobile Apps and Internet
12:15PM-1:00PMMultiple Screens and Contextual Applications
A Roadmap To Mobile, Choosing The Right Path
Altimeter Group
The Business of iPhone Apps
1:00PM-1:45PMEmerging Technology "Mobility"
Verizon Wireless
Mobile Gaming: Present and Future
Design a Seamless Web to Mobile Experience
1:45PM-2:30PMThe Framework for a "True" Mobile Employee
What's Working with Mobile Entertainment?
SNL Kagan
Mobile Security: The Elephant in the Room
Impact Mobile
2:30PM-3:15PMPurely Mobile = Purely Local
Music Content in a Mobile World
Building for BlackBerry
Mobile Commerce and Retail
3:15PM-4:00PMLessons from the Kings of eCommerce
Applying Mobile Technologies to Vertical Industries
Mobile App vs. Mobile Web
4:00PM-4:45PMHow To: Make Money with Mobile
An Inside Look at Near Field Communication
In-Store Strategies for Mobile Retailers
4:45PM-5:30PMThe Mobile Recruiting Experience
Mobile Merger
Setting Mobile Context With Digital Signage
Symon Communications
The Rules of QR Code Usage



    Mobile Mesh (30 minutes)

    The official kickoff to Mobile Merger. Headlining our keynote is Geoff Peterson, Founder of Mobile Merger, Michael Becker, Managing Director, North America, Mobile Marketing Association, and Gary Schwartz, CEO of Impact Mobile. Mobile Mesh is our keynote session filled with input, soundbytes, mini interviews and short videos featuring over dozens of mobile leaders and experts in the industry, from Fortune 500 companies to emerging organizations.

    Geoff Peterson, Founder of Mobile Merger, will open the keynote with an introduction to the event and deliver a short presentation on “what is possible with mobile” touching upon SMS/text messaging campaigns, mobilized websites, QR codes, augmented reality, location-based marketing and more. Michael Becker, Managing Director, North America, Mobile Marketing Association, will take the virtual stage next and present a “state of the mobile industry” address, touching upon key statistics, measurements and findings around mobile marketing. Gary Schwartz, CEO of Impact Mobile, will round-out the keynote, giving a brief look into mobile ethics and standards and mobile commerce.

    This keynote session will give the audience a taste of things to come throughout the packed day, including the areas of mobile marketing, mobile advertising, mobile commerce, mobile development, mobile recruiting and much more.

    Speakers: Geoff Peterson, Mobile Merger, Michael Becker, Mobile Marketing Association, Gary Schwartz, Impact Mobile

    Channeling Success in Mobile Advertising (45 minutes)

    Successfully leveraging mobile apps, browsers, search, video, and rich and local media to meaningfully impact the bottom line can be challenging even for the most seasoned marketer. Join us during this presentation to learn how world class brands are breaking through the white noise of the medium and are utilizing these and other mobile advertising channels to drive consumers through the purchase funnel – from awareness through purchase and beyond – at scale.

    Speaker: Jeff Plaisted, Microsoft

    How To: Launch a Successful Mobile Product (45 minutes)

    You’ve developed a mobile product or service such as an app, game, tool or device. The next step is to launch and go-to-market. How do you do this correctly? This session will give you everything you need from Situation Analysis & Competitive Landscape, Product Positioning & Identifying Key Point Of Differentiation, Competitive Analysis & Key Rebuttal Points, Go-to-Market Launch Plans and Pricing Strategy.

    Speaker: Saj Sahay, Hewlett-Packard

    3 Steps to a Powerful Text Message Campaign (45 minutes)

    In this session, learn the three critical steps to conducting effective text message campaigns for your business, including how to create a magnetic offer, how to successfully market your campaign and how to properly execute a strategic campaign. Get campaign ideas and live demos from an expert and mobile industry veteran in this interactive workshop.

    Speaker: Kim Dushinski, Mobile Marketing Profits

    Mobile Has a Seat at the Integrated Marketing Table – Now What? (45 minutes)

    Whether 2011 is the Year of Mobile is immaterial – mobile representation in brand and agency discussion is commonplace. So what did the early years teach us? More importantly, how can we take those learnings and create meaningful products and programs today? What we will cover in the session: The good and the bad – case studies that should be repeated and those that should be buried six feet under. How to measure a campaign’s success or failure. The evolving behaviors and interests of mobile subscribers, including how marketers can stay current and on the lookout for the trends that will stick. The importance of aligning mobile efforts with business goals.

    Speaker: Jeff Hasen, Hipcricket

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    The Evolution of the Mobile Web

    (45 minutes)

    The web goes mobile. More people access the web on their mobile devices than on desktop computers. And they are not just browsing anymore! The way we interact with the web on the go has changed our lives, our social behavior, and business models drastically. And new technologies and web innovation are about to introduce even more dramatic shifts. Join the session to see live demos and to learn about several topics. Mozilla: driving innovation in an open web, Mobile Browsing today: it’s your web – anywhere you go, Beyond browsing: how our interaction with the web is changing, The slow extinction of mobile apps: HTML5 & Friends turn the web into a platform for awesome apps, What’s next: technology and business models for web app stores, Mobile vision: 24 thoughts on how mobile technology is changing.

    Speaker: Thomas Arend, Mozilla

    How To: Merge Mobile Technologies Into Recruiting (45 minutes)

    AT&T is a leader in mobile technology, so it only makes sense that they are also a leader in using mobile technology for recruiting. So where do you start? Do you need an iPhone app to recruit? What about an iPad or Droid app? Have you mobile optimized your career site? Do you utilize SMS text messages for communicating with candidates? What about QR/Data Matrix Codes? Hear how AT&T has explored each of these technologies and how they’ve incorporated them into their sourcing, talent network and events strategies.

    Speaker: Carrie Corbin, AT&T

    Enabling Compelling, Interactive Mobile Engagements (45 minutes)

    Today’s technology and communications segments are experiencing explosive growth, diversification and subsequent market fragmentation. In a society where consumers are increasingly on-the-go, businesses and advertisers face exceptional challenges towards reaching the masses with truly compelling messaging. With consumers progressively turning to their wireless devices as a preferred method to access information and content, mobile marketing and advertising provides an unprecedented opportunity to overcome these barriers. Mobile enables brands and advertisers to establish personal, real-time connections with interested consumers. However, many organizations have yet to take advantage of mobile’s true value either because they do not understand the technology, are not aware of the inherent opportunities, do not have the resources, or just do not know where to start. This session seeks to explore and identify strategies and tactics for businesses to effectively incorporate mobile into their existing mix and fully exploit its latent value.

    Speaker: Diane Strahan, Neustar

    Legal Issues in Mobile Marketing (45 minutes)

    As more and more people ignore the cord and do their work and socializing on the go, the opportunities to sell targeted products and information on mobile platforms has skyrocketed exponentially. Mobile marketing provides rich opportunities for advertisers, application makers, and wireless providers to reach consumers wherever they are. As companies increasingly take advantage of those opportunities, federal and state regulators looking to make sure consumers are not being victimized by this trend. This session will provide an overview of the legal issues in the growing world of mobile marketing. Ms. Desai will review the legal landscape that mobile marketers should take into account, including federal and state laws, privacy issues, industry guidelines, and data protection requirements.

    Speaker: Monica Desai, Patton Boggs

    Turbo-Charge Your Social Media Strategy (45 minutes)

    We all know social media tools are incredibly powerful for marketing, crisis management and building relationships – but do you know how can your organization can harness that power? In this non-typical presentation, industry veteran and HootSuite’s Director of Mobile Jeff Stautz will walk you through the reasons to use social media tools. While avoiding hackneyed buzzwords and jargon, he’ll share tips for executing campaigns and show how to tweak, tune, and turbo-charge your brand’s social presence. He’ll also share topical examples of successes and missteps, and demonstrate how to listen, amplify, and measure your impact. You’ll leave with a toolbox of practical skills you can begin implementing right away.

    Speaker: Jeff Stautz, HootSuite

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    How Location-Based Mobile Marketing Has Infected Social Media (45 minutes)

    Leading strategies on how businesses with physical locations can maximize their impact in social media through mobile marketing. Patrick Flanagan, Vice President of Digital Strategy at Simon Property Group (SPG), will provide a playbook of how incorporating location-based technology into an integrated marketing platform that is driven by social media can help meet the demands of today’s increasingly mobile consumer, drive foot traffic and foster stronger sales. This presentation will provide attendees with a case study of how location-based mobile applications, paired with other experiential marketing approaches, can transform brick-and-mortar retail centers into interactive environments that enhance the consumer shopping experience now and into 2012.

    Speaker: Patrick Flanagan, Simon Property Group

    The Art of Mobile Partnerships (45 minutes)

    This session will take a look into the business development end of the mobile industry. You will learn about what it takes to navigate the waters in the mobile space to effectively promote mobile products and services, and form partnerships with key stakeholders, services providers, carriers and others. Find out about the benefits of partnerships to your mobile business. Discover challenges and obstacles and how to overcome them. Hear strategies and best practices for building successful mobile partnerships.

    Speaker: Doug Bremicker, Weather Central

    Hands-On Mobile Tools Workshop(45 minutes)

    Discover the following: growing consumer awareness and adoption of tablets, the profile of a tablet buyer, uses of tablets by consumers, how they interact differently with tablets vs. PC’s and smartphones, impact of operating systems and app stores, price points, willingness of consumers to pay for devices, apps in marketplace and add-on’s, what tablet features consumers like, need, want and must have, tablet trends now and a forecast for 2-3 years, in addition to recommendations on ways to build your brand using tablets.

    Speaker: Cindy Krum, MobileMoxie

    The State of Mobile Advertising (45 minutes)

    The buzz about mobile devices is fueling the digital advertising discussion. These new platforms are creating valuable new opportunities for marketers, yet mobile pricing models and tracking metrics are drastically different from PC web and evolving. Keep up with the latest insights on what works from Jumptap CMO Paran Johar as he reveals State of the Industry survey results. How are people spending? Where is the money going? What’s next?


    3 Phases of Mobile Recruiting (45 minutes)

    This fast-paced session will walk quickly through the three phases of mobile recruitment (Phase I: Mobile Web, Phase II: SMS, Phase III: Mobile Applications) using live examples, conceptual mockups and prototype demos. During this session, Kane will move past the basics and showcase ideas for how to take your mobile recruitment strategy to the next level. Many key recruiting concepts will be covered. On-Demand SMS Job Search live. Social Integration with ways to leverage Faceboook and LinkedIn to personalize the mobile experience. Leveraging Location including GPS in smartphones and location based services like Foursquare to create an engaging “local” mobile experience for events and job search. Augmented Reality, going beyond the buzz, looking at opportunities for how it could really work for recruitment.

    Speaker: Kane Cochran, Bernard Hodes Group


    Getting Ahead of the Mobile Innovation Curve (45 minutes)

    With the advance of enterprise applications designed for the web, iPhone, Android and an ever growing world of connected devices, identification of the next big thing in app development is critical for commercial success. Mobile app innovation is creating significant opportunities for businesses/enterprises. In this session, we’ll walk through how to advance the value of your business through API and app development, utilize mobile technologies to reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve efficiency and services through new distribution channels. Discover how to drive innovation internally and externally to position your business ahead of the curve.

    Speaker: John Musser, Alcatel-Lucent (

    The World of Multiple Screens and Contextual Applications (45 minutes)

    2010 has seen Flash technology evolve into a multi-screen web and application platform, created to drive innovation on the web and deliver new experiences on desktops, mobile phones, netbooks, tablets and televisions. In this session we’ll look at ecosystem challenges and learn how to leverage the Abode Creative Suite to create stunning, rich and cost effective applications.

    Speaker: Mark Doherty, Adobe

    A Roadmap To Mobile, Choosing The Right Path (45 minutes)

    As mobile becomes the leading means for users to interact with brands, content and one another inside of organizations, simply “getting to mobile” is not strategy enough. In this session, Chris Silva, Analyst will lay out the three paths mobile strategies take, share examples of each, a list of targets, goals and KPIs and lay out next steps to achieve them.

    Speaker: Chris Silva, Altimeter Group

    The Business of iPhone Apps (45 minutes)

    This workshop will cover the business of building iPhone applications. It will address the risks and the potential rewards of producing an application and having it for sale in the iTunes App Store. The session will cover the following aspects of the business including: how to pick an application concept, what makes an application successful, building a business vs. building an app, the highs and lows of success, getting noticed in a sea of 200,000+ apps, apps that compliment your core business, pricing your application and App Store business models, designing and developing – what to expect, is your app social? (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), costs of building applications, marketing app basics, application rejections, resources and tools, and beyond the iPhone (Android, Blackberry, Web).

    Speaker: Greg Raiz, Raizlabs

    Emerging Technology “Mobility” (45 minutes)

    Today there are newly emerging technologies including 4G LTE (long term evolution) networks and a host of others. What does this mean to businesses and customers? How does everyone benefit using smartphones, tablets, laptops, netbooks and gaming devices? How will this change the mobile landscape and open ways to do business? What new revenue streams will emerge in mobile as a result of these new technologies?

    Speaker: Harry Martin, Verizon Wireless

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    Mobile Gaming: Present and Future (45 minutes)

    Mobile gaming is experiencing explosive growth on various platforms from iPhone to Android and across all major telecom carriers. Discover the lay of the land for the gaming industry in mobile around the world. Find out how to deliver and aggregate binary content to mobile devices, how to take advantage of mobile social gaming, and how advertising works in gaming from in-game advertisement opportunities to partnerships.

    Speaker: Anders Evju, PlayPhone

    How To: Design a Seamless Web to Mobile Experience (45 minutes)

    Clearly more and more consumers and small businesses are making the move to mobile to help manage their day to day lives. With that migration comes the demand – and expectation – for seamless utility between their Web and mobile experiences. Rather than having services live separate lives via their desktop or Web applications, customers are looking for instant gratification in an end to end experience independent of what device they’re using to access their information. The problem? No one is providing this seamless experience yet – and if they are, it is not meeting customer expectations. We will explore the ways that companies can and are making the successful translation of Web to mobile and how that will result in customer delight and uptake of new mobile services across the market.

    Speaker: Omar Green, Intuit

    The Framework for a True “Mobile” Employee (45 minutes)

    Discover how to truly take your workforce mobile, outside the office walls and into the virtual world. Get an understanding of what a “day in the life” of a virtual employee looks like, including the apps, software, services and technologies that are essential to conducting business and staying plugged-in at all times. Discuss real-world strategies to keep pace with the fast changing role of virtual employees outside of the brick and mortar cultures of old, and how mobile technologies are integrated.

    Speaker: Michael Notaro, Accenture

    What’s Working with Mobile Entertainment? (45 minutes)

    Join this session to get facts straight from a leading analyst in the mobile industry on mobile entertainment. Learn about leading apps for games, video/TV and music, how big the U.S. smartphone market is now (and in ten years) and if the iPhone and Android audiences are large enough on their own to justify an app-only approach to mobile. Also discover what are some leading mobile advertising trends and an update on fast growing location-based services.

    Speaker: John Fletcher, SNL Kagan

    Mobile Security: The Elephant in the Room

    (45 minutes)

    There is mobile phone in every shopper’s pocket alongside their wallet. As plastic and identity transition across to the new m-wallet there an elephant in the room? Is mobile commerce fraught with security and privacy concerns? Will many concerns are hyped the channel is under scrutiny., MEF and other organizations are working hard to develop standards to keep legislation at bay.

    Juniper Report indicates that “more than 76% of consumers surveyed use their smartphones or tablets to access sensitive personal or business information, including: 51% to enter or modify passwords; 43% to access banking or credit card statements; 30% to access utility bills; 20% to share financial information such as credit card numbers; 18% to access employer’s proprietary information; 17% to access medical records; and 16% to share social security numbers.”

    How can we build shopper and shop confidence in this new channel?

    Speaker: Gary Schwartz, Impact Mobile

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    Purely Mobile = Purely Local (45 minutes)

    The thing that makes a geo-social network pop has nothing to do with the latitude/longitude coordinates. The mobile phone is the only piece of technology that connects our online and offline world (not a tablet, not a laptop). The key to making geo-social services huge is to recognize this nexus, and design connected mobile experiences that improve consumers’ experience in their local community. If it’s mobile, it needs to be social (phone calls may be out of style, but at the end of the day, your phone is still a tool for communicating). And local – this is where mobile lives.

    Speaker: Brian Knapp, Loopt

    Music Content in a Mobile World (45 minutes)

    The rise in smartphone usage has also resulted in a rise of music in the mobile space. Yet there’s no one solution to how that music is consumed. From YouTube videos, subscription services, information apps, radio apps, OTA downloads, sideloaded tracks and more, consumption habits are all over the place. As the SVP of Music Strategy of CMT, Jay Frank is synergizing music content across all platforms. He will explain what these new habits mean for the mobile business, the music business, and how the consumers will benefit from it all.

    Speaker: Jay Frank, CMT

    Building for BlackBerry (45 minutes)

    Join this session to learn about developing mobile applications and content services for BlackBerry Smartphones and the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Discover what the market opportunity is and how to take advantage of the growing BlackBerry user base around the world. Find out what the latest application trends are and how you can take advantage of the BlackBerry platform to create unique and differentiated experiences. Also learn best practices for monetizing your applications through in-app purchasing, advertising and carrier billing.

    Speaker: Tyler Lessard, RIM

    Lessons from the Kings of eCommerce
    (45 minutes)

    There’s no one way to do eCommerce. But there is a right way and this session will highlight how some of the kings of eCommerce, including eBay, PayPal, HSN are winning the eCommerce game. Hear case studies on how these brands combine design, functionality, and promotions into their comprehensive eCommerce offerings. Learn how Netbiscuits has helped each capitalize on the mobile selling opportunity.

    Speaker: Craig Besnoy, Netbiscuits

    Applying Mobile Technologies to Vertical Industries (45 minutes)

    Mobile represents both opportunities and potential disruption to how industries position their products and services. Often overlooked beyond the broad projections about mobile usage is how companies in specific vertical markets can understand the opportunity and then apply specific tactics. This session will offer a framework that industries can use to help identify the potential opportunity, with some specific tactical examples of mobile as used in the recruitment and hospitality verticals.


    Mobile App vs. Mobile Web

    (45 minutes)

    Have you decided whether to move forward in the mobile space with an app or a mobilized website? This decision is critical for any business. Companies today know their customers are trying to interact with their brand on mobile devices. What should a business do to make their mobile interactions best in class? Should you build a mobile browser site? Build an app? Optimize for android, iOS or Window Phone 7? What about Blackberry? Take a deep dive and learn all about these choices in this session.

    Speaker: Cindy Krum, MobileMoxie

    How To: Make Money with Mobile (45 minutes)

    Learn about the growing space of mCommerce and how you can start to monetize your app or site. Whether you’re looking to sell digital goods, open a mobile storefront, or closing cross-border deals, you can learn what it takes to get this done. We’ll cover some of the best-practices and the latest trends in integrating payments into your app or site.

    Speaker: Kent Griffin, PayPal

    An Inside Look at Near Field Communication (45 minutes)

    While not a household name, Near Field Communication, or NFC, is a set of short-range wireless technologies, typically a distance of 4 cm or less. NFC has many uses in the mobile arena including powering passive targets such as tags, stickers, key fobs or cards, as well as performing peer-to-peer communication among others. In this session, learn how businesses are taking advantage of NFC including VPN authentication, building entry solutions, payment solutions, transit solutions, loyalty solutions and effective sharing, and discover opportunities for your business in the process.

    Speaker: Samir Agarwal, Nokia

    In-Store Strategies for Mobile Retailers

    (45 minutes)

    As mobile commerce continues to grow at exponential rates, retailers are continually looking for ways to attract and interact with their loyal customers whether at home, when mobile or when in-store. Downloadable rich apps and marketing and promotion of the mobile channel are integral parts of strategic and successful consumer engagement. In 2011, we are going to see the emergence of the in-store piece to mobile that features: Bar-Code Scanning that will automatically bring up product details, video demonstrations and ratings and reviews, Loyalty programs that will enable a customer to Check-in and receive special offers when they visit a store and many more to come. Retailers who see this opportunity now and aggressively market the app and mobile optimized website to their customers through their own storefront (email, SMS, catalogs, in-store, direct mail, on ecom sites) and through 3rd party storefronts can create a long term formula for success. We will speak to these use cases and share industry best practices regarding mobile commerce and consumer engagement.

    Speaker: Doug Wick, Digby

    The Mobile Recruiting Experience (45 minutes)

    This session will take you from a 50,000 foot view of the mobile space, straight into the trenches with mobile campaign strategy, building, and execution. Discover the mobile landscape and ecosystem, get introduced to many concepts around mobile advertising and marketing, and see how mobile can be used to identify, engage, and attract job seekers.

    With job seekers carrying mobile devices everywhere, investing in mobile should be a focal point of your recruiting strategy moving forward. This is amplified with the increased number of smart mobile devices, their ever-expanding capabilities, improved browsing features, and applications. The audience will be encouraged to interact live using their mobile devices during the workshop.

    Speaker: Geoff Peterson, Mobile Merger


    Setting Mobile Context With Digital Signage (45 minutes)

    The explosion of consumer-centric mobile innovation is demanding a focus on mobile context. Mobile context is defined as the match between a consumer’s given physical environment – a venue such as a store, hotel or restaurant – and the optimal mobile experience – mobile application, ad campaign or commercial transaction – for that environment. This session will explore how an burgeoning technology, Digital Signage, can help developers, venue owners, advertisers, content developers, etc. set the mobile context in order to create a more engaging and immersive mobile experience. The audience will learn the following: The definition of mobile context and issues that result from a lack thereof, a description of digital signage and how it can help set the mobile context, a description of the digital signage ecosystem and how it can be leveraged, and steps in engaging with a digital signage solution.

    Speaker: Steve Gurley, Symon Communications

    The Rules of QR Code Usage (45 minutes)

    There are a number of ways a consumer can “pull” dynamic and useful information using their mobile device, and one of the fastest growing options are mobile barcodes, also called “quick response” or QR codes. Last year Scanbuy reported that mobile barcodes experienced explosive growth increasing 1600% over the past year. Brands like Target, Home Depot, SC Johnson and Verizon are utilizing barcodes to make their marketing more engaging and trackable. 2D codes can be easily placed on virtual anything from a print ad to product packaging to digital display. In one-click, a wide variety of content can be launched automatically like video demos, sweepstakes entry, mobile payment, prefilled SMS opt-ins and much more. Scanbuy will discuss: Recent trends in barcode scanning – what are people scanning, Why free QR code services are not really free, Provide case study examples of how well-known brands have been able to successfully leverage mobile barcode campaigns into their marketing and mobile commerce plans, Best practices in activating mobile barcode campaigns from start to finish, Leveraging in-depth analytic data from 2D barcode scans to provide significant insight into consumer behavior.

    Speaker: Mike Wehrs, ScanBuy