Mobile Merger is an online event aimed at helping you incorporate mobile into your business. Learn from 36 unique sessions around mobile marketing, mobile advertising, mobile design, mobile development and much more. 3 separate tracks and 27 hours of original mobile content will be recorded for on demand replay later. Engage and strategize with our expert speaker lineup. Network with other professionals in our private group. Review days worth of mobile building materials in our mobile locker, a value-add for all attendees. Space is limited for this sellout event! Get Our Online Event Now, On Demand!


    Attend live from any location with access to the web. Watch 27 hours of content on demand.

    Hands-on mobile lab and a mobile locker in the cloud to build your mobile presence.

    Direct access to all speakers and attendees via dial-in, text, group chat and social feeds.

    Geared towards professionals in marketing, sales, human resources and technology.


While everyone else is staging expensive destination events, we’re bringing the same experience to you in a remote setting. No travel required. You won’t spend a fortune on flights, hotels and meals to attend. This conference is completely online. You “attend” from the comfort of your home or office, using your computer to watch, listen and participate with speakers and attendees in 36 sessions on mobile. Join any session live or watch later. Everything will be recorded for playback on demand.


Mobile Merger touches nearly every facet of business including sales, marketing, human resources and information technology. Whether you already utilize mobile or seek new avenues to grow your company, this online event plugs you directly into 36 expert mobile resources. Those in client-facing roles will find this event especially valuable, including those in manager, director and vice-president roles, in addition to consultants, small business owners, entrepreneurs and developers.


Mobile from A-Z, including how to launch a successful mobile product, text message campaign development and execution, enabling compelling and interactive mobile engagements, mobile recruiting, location-based mobile marketing, channeling success in mobile advertising, how to mobilize your website, the business of iPhone apps, contextual applications, in-store mobile strategies for retailers, emerging technologies, mobile commerce, tips for designing apps, QR codes and more.

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    Interact live with mobile marketing experts.

    Learn from recognized businesses, including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Samsung.
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    Hear successful mobile marketing case studies.

    Evolving behaviors and interests of mobile subscribers are showcased.
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    Enable compelling, interactive mobile engagements.

    Create truly strategic messaging for delivery to interested consumers.
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    Listen to strategies for incorporating mobile.

    Merge mobile into your existing marketing mix and fully exploit its latent value.
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    Turbo-charge your social media strategy.

    Walk through tips to execute mobile social campaigns and measure their impact.
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    Review the legal mobile marketing landscape.

    Take into account laws, privacy issues and industry guidelines.

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    Find out how to make the transition to mobile.

    Get educated from standout brands including Intuit, RIM, DELL and Mozilla.
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    Create a powerful text message campaign.

    Determine how to create a magnetic offer and successfully market and execute it for your business.
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    Uncover the business of iPhone Apps.

    Address the risks and rewards of producing applications in the iTunes App Store.
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    Discover how to use video in your mobile strategy.

    Listen to the perspective of content producers, publishers and marketers.
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    Hear tips for designing apps.

    Techniques you can use to get your app noticed and create aesthetic value that keep users engaged.
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    Peer into the mobile ecosystem.

    Discover multiple screens and contextual applications, and learn how to leverage for your business.

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    Learn where to start in mobile recruiting.

    Follow examples from industry leaders including AT&T, Accenture and Bernard Hodes Group.
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    Discover proven mobile recruiting technologies.

    Specific areas include iPhone and Android apps as well as mobile optimized career sites.
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    See mobile recruiting strategies in action.

    Live demos firsthand of SMS text messages and QR codes for reaching new talent.
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    Hear how to incorporate mobile recruiting.

    Fuse mobile into sourcing, talent networks, events and (ATS) applicant tracking systems.
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    Leverage social integration with mobile.

    Mobile and social joined at the hip with popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
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    Dive into augmented reality.

    Go beyond the buzz, looking at opportunities for how mobile could really work for recruitment.